Businesses are constantly on the look out for new and innovative methods to promote their products and services with minimal cost and highest level of effectiveness. While complex business solutions always require personal selling, a certain amount of information is always possible to automate and allow the consumer or customer to pick up information on-demand. This is very typical of the walk-in customer type scenarios where a regular product / service or process information needs to be shared with a large number of customers.

For ex., this might happen in a Tours and Travel type of a business where basic information about tour packages needs to be shared with every walk-in client. Of course much of this information may be available off the web site but when a client walks in, an individual needs to walk the customer through available packages. These situations lend themselves easily for the Audio-play speaking tour guide which can be hanging off a kiosk at the point of engagement /reception desk. Equipped with ear phones or a low volume speaker, this becomes a useful and novel method of effectively delivering information to a prospective customer.

Many other similar engagement situations are potential candidates for such delivery of useful client information.

  1. Administrative offices of large corporations where best practices for HR or other departments can be made available as a set of printed material which is all audio-enabled for employee or staff use.
  2. Medical consultation offices or hospital information desks where patients in waiting can listen to useful information about vaccination, schedules of treatments via colourful audio-enabled charts which can be made available with DolphiO reader for effective information delivery.

Utility office reception areas where consumers are either coming in to pay bills and many other similar applications are god places to introduce talking brochures for effective information delivery.

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