Quick Facts

Yes, of course, This product has been specially designed for children and is absolutely safe. We have recommendations from child specialists, medical doctors and other child health organizations who have vouched for the utility and safety of this product.

ISpark educational kit is most suitable for children in the age group 2.5 years to about 6 years depending on child. However the learning system is suitable even for adults to learn new languages.

The DolphiO is charged via a USB charger (included in the kit). There are removable batteries inside the device, so please do not open it.

ISpark's reader kit comes with specially printed books. No, you cannot use the reader to read just any book. The specially printed books carry an embedded code which is read by the DolphiO which makes it unique.

Like any hardware electronic device, the DolphiO can be damaged by frequent drops or by careless handling. Although ruggedized for child use, we caution not to drop it with force and avoid dropping it in water.

You may charge the reader only when it has run out of power. There is no specific charging schedule - it depends entirely on usage.

Stand is a cradle for the DolphiO when not in use or when it is in story or song mode. It hums along till its story or song completes.

DolphiO enters sleep mode if not used for 2 minutes and conserves power. When not used for over 3 minutes it shuts down with a good bye message. You may power on the device and resume playing.

Device is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one year form date of purchase for all normal usage conditions. During this time ISpark will service the device for free or replace the product for free unless the product has been mishandled.

The device is already in use with several thousand children and has become, a loved product for children of all kinds, teachers and parents alike. We are delighted to have you join the growing community of DolphiO users. Go ahead and leave your worries behind. Explore the new world of learning.

If there are any questions on product usage, please drop us a mail: sridhar@isparkinnovations.com.