The publishing world has seen its fair share of disruption with digitization and Internet globally. As new forms of content presentation go mainstream overnight, it is important for publishers to understand what new technology solutions enable and what becomes possible.

For example, we are working with some very large content owners to audio-enable their range of books for middle-schoolers. Such a solution suddenly brings to life already published stories and content, where static text gets animated and visual content speaks. The magic of such enablement is quite powerful as a book prepared in one language suddenly becomes available for readers from other languages.

Audio-enabled publications can bring in additional benefits to the reader hitherto not possible from plain text: correct pronunciation, diction, intonation, listening comprehension and inter-activity such as quizzes.
Contact us to understand more on how current publications, content can be enhanced to create ‘speaking books’. With advances in speech-APIs we believe the next generation interface has a new candidate: voice. We will be glad to show you how this can be made possible.

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